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tv   Smerconish  CNN  February 24, 2024 6:00am-7:00am PST

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stereotypes by broadening the spectrum of what black people can look like >> my name is monica caygle. i'm baltimore-based. and in your painful i started painting when i was about 15 years old in high school. my work is mainly surrounded around like black portraiture, black figurative painting when i get models to work for me, people to work for me, i allow them to do whatever they want so they can take back their image and i stick to one color throughout the whole thing just to keep it monochromatic and unified. and also with the high saturation of the colors it's a point for me to attract attention to them because in society people can be, they feel like they're overlooked. but my work is to draw attention and with a bright color this is to the point where you see it and you can't, you can't ignore it has to stand out >> monica k. gu has a show coming up in baltimore in the fall at gallery marty's well, thank you so much for joining me today. i will see you back here next saturday at 08:00 a.m. eastern right here, smerconish is up next palmetto
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primary. i'm michael smerconish in philadelphia. voting is underway now in south carolina unless all the polls are wrong, donald trump will score a big victory over nikki haley and move one step closer to securing the gop nomination. this despite facing four criminal indictments and personal financial peril on friday in new york state, judge finalized a $355 million judgment against trump and triggered a countdown for when trump must put up cash or post bond to cover that amount. plus the roughly 100 million in interest that he was ordered to pay. that's a huge sum no matter what trump's net worth might be. and it doesn't include the combined the 88 million that he owes e. jean carroll after twice losing civil trials to her. you would think the combination of potential jail and financial collapse for the republican candidate would build
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confidence among his democratic detractors. and independent never trumpers and instead the opposite is true the political question on the minds of many is about his opponent, president joe biden. is biden the only democrat who can beat trump? or as biden, the only democrat trump can be one thing is for sure there's no way biden's minimalist mode of campaigning that which might have been appropriate amidst the pandemic in 2020 is going to escape scrutiny in 2024 an incumbent trailing in the national and battleground polls with an approval rating that on friday, gallup reported is only 38% needs to pursue every opportunity to turn the tide instead, this president turned down television time in an election year preceding the super bowl, the most watched event ever. and many noticed. among them, democratic strategist james carville, who told me here that it was a sign and carville has company
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veteran political analyst, jeff greenfield, recently advised in politico that quote, biden will have to take the path he has avoided so far and engage with voters and with the press fully embracing the risks of further slips the new york times recently ran an editorial saying, biden must do better adding quote. he has had less substantive, unscripted interaction with the public and the press than any other president in recent memory in fact, since becoming president, biden has done just 86 interviews at this point in his predecessor's presidencies, trump had given 300 barack obama 422 although he'll deliver the state of the union address on march 7, that's going to be with the teleprompter. democratic congressman bennie thompson, who chaired the select committee on january 6, quoted in roll-call as saying those of us who helped joe biden get elected president are not real comfortable at this point with what we're seeing democratic former house majority leader
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steny hoyer, quote, we all have concerns. we want to make sure it's a victorious campaign ezra klein, new york times columnist, political analyst, recently asserted this on his podcast i think biden as painful as this is, should find his way to stepping down as a hero that the party should help him find his way to that >> to being the thing that he said he would be in 2020. the bridge to the next generation of democrats and then i think democrats should meet in august at the convention to do a political parties have done a convention so many times before organize victory that nate silver or 538 posted this on his blog personally, i crossed the rubicon in november concluding that biden should >> stand down if he wasn't going to be able to run a normal reelection campaign, meaning things like conduct a super bowl interview yes. it's a huge risk and yes, biden can still win. silver proposed biden do for lengthy sit-down
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interviews with non friendly sources and make public a complete recording of those interviews. he says that biden and his inner circle have to make sure he's really up for a second term. and is the best option for democrats, quote? if biden was willing to take five hours to speak with special counsel, robert hur he ought to take five hours for this. and if he can't, it's awfully audacious to ask americans to make him president for another four years. instead, this week we got a report from axios that in closed-door fundraisers, the president has been calling on pre-screen donors and then relying on note cards with bullet points to provide answers as axios puts it, the system is in place, quote, to help explain his own positions on questions he knows are coming and instead of availing himself of long-form interviews to put forth his second term agenda or holding long press conferences. the president has been communicating via brief tiktok's choppy twitter videos and brief press scrums. the campaign says it's just keeping
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up with the times, but many wonder if he's going to avoid debates down the road. biden supporters have also been quick to counter with trump's many gaffes and relatively light campaign schedule but according to a quinnipiac university poll that was released on wednesday, more than two-thirds of voters think that biden is too old to effectively serve another term what asked whether trump is too old 41% said yes needless to say, the administration is not happy with this stuff being said out loud and often, the new york times published her ag salzburg or recently said biden is quote, a historically unpopular incumbent. and the oldest man to ever hold this office. we've reported on both of those realities extensively and the white house has been extremely upset about it. my next guest, emmy-winning legend bob costas, was an early adopter of this point of view, as he recently were counted with bill maher and it comes to biden, this is like the truth
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that no one until very recently wants to say out loud, but my friends will tell you i've been saying it for four years. this is emperor's new clothes stuff. joe biden should have run on a firm promise that he would be a one term president. the only reason he is president is that he's not donald trump. then the dams could have gotten a lot of people up. and they could have sorted through those people if biden's hubris is such that he doesn't understand the best interests of his party. and more important his country then he has to be shown the door >> so is president biden the democrats best chance at beating donald trump? i want to know what you think. go to my website at answer today's poll question. it reads like a puzzle. which is more accurate, only biden can be trump or trump can only be biden. bob costas joins me now, 29 time emmy-winner bob, thank you for being here like the others that i've quoted
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from you, come at this from a position of not wanting to see trump get elected? you should state that at the outset, true >> yes absolutely. he is by far the most disgraceful figure in modern presidential history. he's only become more disgraceful since 2016 and since 2020 he has a bubbling cauldron of loathsome traits. and it's only those who are actually suffering from trump derangement syndrome, which is the way they and fox news and all the rest of maga media try to brush aside all the legitimate criticisms of trump. you have to be in the throes of some sort of toxic delusion in an a toxic colt to believe that donald trump has ever been, in any sense emotionally, psychologically, intellectually, or ethically fit to be president of the united states. but his supporters are locked in on that there is no color okay, of joe biden. even there's only
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finish this thought michael, even if he had not run explicitly with a pledge that he would be a one-term president even if halfway through this term, he had said, look, i've done my job. i have some policy successes. i'll continue to do my job. and now the democrats can get, as i said before, some people up in the bullpen and sort through it, he had a chance to be seen as a statesman and a patriot. now his legacy is likely to be that of a man who's hubris, prevented him from seizing the moment and appropriate way. and at best, he can squeak by trump. that's at best well, we could lose to trump and subject the nation to four more years of this kind of ongoing insanity. or if he squeaked by, its very likely that he cannot complete his second term, he'd be 86 at the end of it is, it possible that you're not giving the incumbent his just do i'm going to put up on the screen and i'll read aloud so that you know what i'm talking about. stuart stevens is a former republican political
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consultant now with the lincoln project, quote, the stock market is hitting right? heard highs, unemployment is at a record low with 14 million new jobs. talk to small business owners. the biggest problem they're facing is finding workers. he goes on to talk about infrastructure a prescription drugs, gas prices, and says, joe biden has assembled a hell of a record. no one's giving him credit for that >> i think he's getting some credit for it, but here's the key. he cannot make that case for himself. he cannot make a clear, cogent, vigorous case for himself, nor can he prosecute the obvious case against trump in the court of public opinion? gavin newsome frequently goes on these programs like yours and makes a very articulate and detailed case for president biden but all it makes me and millions of others think is biden is in capable of uttering even two consecutive sentences of the five perfect paragraphs that
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newsome just put together. and i think nate silver, you quoted earlier saying that he's got to get out there and do for interviews with unfriendly or at least a down-the-middle, not softball interviews. but the problem with that is his own staff knows that he has to be bubble-wrapped. that he can't do a super bowl interview. it's sad to say biden is obviously on balance a decent man. he served his country and no matter what, sane people will vote for him over trump but it's a hell of a risk to send this guy out there. trump is a monster. he shouldn't send this guy out there at this point in his life to try and slay the dragon. >> bob. >> i know the reaction that you will receive. i'm sure that you've already received from it can away with candor expressing yourselves expression yourself, you obviously believe that it's something you have to do, right? i mean, speak to the reaction that you've heard and your willingness to endure the criticism and say these things
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you know, look most of my career has been in sports. i think fair people who are familiar with it? no, however, that i'm reasonably conversant with other topics. but as i said at the top with bill maher, this is emperor's new clothes stuff if people aren't familiar with the fairy tale, the emperor was naked. no one wanted to say it. a little child was able to say it. this is common sense stuff. and as a concerned citizen, i feel as if i was on bill maher, i didn't know for sure what he'd asked. he asked me the question. i told them what i've been thinking about for years. i think that resonates with many people of course, there are people who say, and this is the card they've been playing for a long time yeah, we kinda know it's true, but don't say that that will only help donald trump. well, how feckless or the democrats, if they realized that this guy could possibly lose to trump then get somebody else out there. you don't go into the super bowl with a quarterback who has a dead arm or the seventh game with the world series of people are more comfortable with me talking in sports terms, you don't do it.
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this is just so obvious i know that i received criticism by having this type of the conversation and people will say, you're electing donald trump. and my response is to say no, you're electing donald trump. if you have a candidate who's not up to the task and you don't think anyone else is noticing? you get the final word, but you've only got 30 seconds >> well, a final word, i'll remind people what they shouldn't have to be reminded of concerning trump, what his former chief of staff said, john kelly the depth of his dishonesty is astonishing. he is a person who has no idea what america is all about. a person who has nothing but contempt for our democratic institutions, our constitution, and the rule of law. god help us all. the trump delusion is not going away on the right butt saying democrats have to offer a compelling alternative biden for all he has accomplished and for all his
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basic decency is not a compelling figure any longer thank you. >> bob costas, appreciate it >> thank you. michael >> what do you thinking hit me up on social media. i'll read some responses throughout the course of the program. what do we have catherine? are you a trump? right. i mean, there we go. i didn't know that was coming because i never know any of the social media that are coming, but that's exactly what i'm talking about. cathy baron doesn't want to hear it and i guess thinks that the ostrich approach is the way to go because hey, don't say it no one will notice everyone's noticed. >> kathy. and i think that bob is courageous for his willingness to offer the opinion that he just did in an effort in his view to say, hey, wait a minute, you know, ignoring ignoring the emperor with no clothes is going to get donald trump elected. is that really what we want to do? or does this require a rethinking before the convention comes? i want to know what you think. go to my website at
6:15 am answer. today's poll question. yeah, i said it reads like a bit of a puzzle >> only >> biden can be trump only by, he's the only guy he did it before is the only one who can do it again or trump can only be biden. meaning if it weren't biden, trump couldn't win go vote up ahead. donald trump is arguing that the $355 million verdict for fraud was improper because there weren't any victor is that accurate and while president biden considers an executive action to restrict migrants ability to seek asylum, donald trump is pledging that if reelected, he will quote launch the largest domestic deportation operation in american history. we will either approach work night, it's states of scandal with jake tapper tomorrow at nine on cnn, rsv is out there for those 60 years and older protect against >> rsv with a wreck sv, a rx is a vaccine used to prevent lower respiratory disease from rsv in
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>> only ran visions all in one low fixed rates, borrow up to 100 keg, no fees required. so phi get your money right >> close captioning, bronchi by meso >> mesothelial mom. it's all we do with local offices throughout the country, but it's how you get the compensation you >> deserve 800 to eight to 44, 45 for does the punishment set the crime donald trump will have 30 days to appeal the ruling in a new york civil fraud case >> that accused him of overstating the value of his real estate properties. once the former president and others are served, the countdown will then begin on friday, new york judge arthur and gordon finalize the judgment and interest payments against trump and his companies, ordering them to pay at least 454
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million. and state attorney general letitia james says, she's prepared to seize trump's buildings. if he's unable to pay the fine if he does not have funds to pay off the judgment and then we will seek judgment enforcement mechanisms in court and we will ask the judge to cease his assets >> part of trump's appeal will argue that there were no victims since all of the lenders impacted by his financial statements were repaid with interest plus the api found that of 12 other reported cases brought under the same new york anti-fraud statute that received serious penalties trump's is the only one without an alleged victim or financial loss in his ruling, the judge wrote this timely and total repayment of loans does not extinguish the harm that false statements inflict on the marketplace. indeed, the common excuse that everybody does, it is all the more reason to strive for honesty and transparency and to
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be in jilin in enforcing the rules here, despite the false financial statements, it is undisputed that defendants have made all required payments on time. the next group of lenders to receive bogus statements might not be so lucky. my next guest co-authored this wall street journal op-ed with jeb bush under the heading elon musk and donald trump cases in the rule of law, joining me now is co-founder of palin tier and managing partner of eight vc joe lonsdale. joe, thank you for being here. i'm curious your coauthor, jeb bush. no fan of donald trump. why did he feel compelled to weigh in on this? >> you know, michael, i i've never given donald trump has sent either i love america. i've been a lot of businesses in this country. i love building, love investing here. and this is very scary. i see, i see the government weaponized against my friend elon musk. and listen, i don't love donald trump, but i was just with a bunch of my business friends who don't love them either. in all of them thanked me for writing this. he said, this is
6:22 am
scary. what they're telling me is the device speak up if i run for office, they're going to come and they're going to find a huge way to penalize me for something that's just absolutely ridiculously, everyone knows donald trump probably didn't do this perfectly, but they know that dozens of others didn't either. and it's obvious he's being penalized and insane amount of money because he's all trump and that's not how america is supposed to work. >> okay you know, the arguments in opposition to this being quote, unquote victimless, the idea is that he inflated his value therefore was given preferential interest rates even if he repaid them. he took advantage of those banks. you would say what to that? >> i would say there's no one else in this country who would ever be fined even $50 for this is in fining them $400 million for this or whatever it is, it's clearly because she's trying to get donald trump. it's the same thing with what's happening to elon right now. it's activist judges who are saying if you speak up, if you're a target of our political party, of our ideology, ilo has the doj going after him, evelyn, his labor department going after me as us
6:23 am
fish and wildlife people, delaying things for months for silly reasons, big name right, book reports to them, the whole the whole system right now is being weaponized and it's scary and it's wrong is what happens in emerging markets is not what happens in great countries like america. and we need it to stop. so i read aloud from judge engoron's opinion on this issue that you and i are now discussing, whether there real victims? and he says, it doesn't wash. if you say well, everybody does it. and why is this guy getting singled out? one of the things that the judge made clear in his opinion is that it necessitates baking into these type of calculations and negotiations. the fraud factor, and that if someone like trump gets reined in, it makes it a more equitable system for everyone who follows. how about that argument? >> michael? >> so you'd >> have something that everyone is. it's like everyone is driving over the speed limit in a communist country like china, everyone's always guilty of breaking the law in america at some point, we have 1 million regulations. i don't think
6:24 am
trump necessarily handle this perfectly. it's not a $400,000,000 fine. it's like basically what happens in these good, these countries when you have a regime takeover that's going after its enemies, as you weaponize it and you penalize people in ridiculous ways. this is an obvious example of that. this is why it's scary to my friends who do business, who don't even like trump because it's a $400,000,000 fine for something where there's no victims is obviously a weaponization of government and everyone knows on its face. and again, these are my friends. love them, send me emails, scrutiny mean about trump. there's certainly bob costas just does who was just on they hate him, but they're in business and they know that penalizing that much in business is clearly weaponization. so to me, seeing this is not just against trump, it gets always lot of people that's not how the country is supposed to work. >> okay, let me try one more time. this is now my third argument tried to play devil's advocate with you because you said something about driving. there's a law professor named or incur and he used a driving analogy. he said it's like if you're driving drunk and you don't hurt anybody, but you were still driving drunk? you gotta get punished because of the next time you might hurt
6:25 am
somebody. how about that >> i think driving drunk kills a lot of people as a horrible thing. and this thing is not equivalent to something as a horrible thing that kills a lot of people. you know, the governor of new york, even on the left, made it clear that this is something that was specifically because it was donald trump and it's you if you want to penalize them a little bit for this to kind of like slap his hand because he's donald trump. and just show others as an example, that would be one thing. i, you know, if you'd find in $20 million, that would've said, oh, that's kinda ridiculous, but i wouldn't ever in the piece. but if you've tried to find someone enough to hurt him, to punish him that's not how this is supposed to work with a victimless crime >> joe, i'm playing devil's advocate with you because here last week i said it would have had more credibility if it were $11 the fact that it was 355 just made it incredible, frankly, and, you know, well enough. thank you. i got a role, but i appreciate you being here let's see what you're saying on social media, catherine, what do we have via
6:26 am
twitter? i'm not sure. trump is wrong about his victimless crime. if banks knew his real values, they could have charged him more interests. therefore, they lost money, right? rodney, that's exactly actually the point that i made. there's a two-fold argument. 11 is to say that he was able to take advantage not of the front door interest rate, but the back door interest rate because of the value that he was claiming he got preferential treatment because of the net worth premise premised on the value of the real estate the second is that you got to rein this in because otherwise there's just too much of it in the industry. but i've made myself clear 355 million is a crazy number is a crazy number, and i'll tell you something else that a lot of you are not going to want to hear. it helps him politically. and the only thing that will help him more is if latisha james should now make a move on the trump tower. oh, my god. that would like lock up the election forum i want to remind you, go to my website at answer this. it's like a puzzle. a lot of complaints about it. you're
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not thinking hard enough, which is more accurate. only biden can be trump. he's the only one who can do it or trump can only be biden because we're anybody other than biden, trump could never win. cannot wait to see the result of that up ahead, white house is considering a change of tune and executive action to restrict illegal immigrants. is it going to work? i'll ask one of just three republican congressmen who voted against impeaching the dhs secretary. and is nikki looking for a haley mary whatever the results of today? his gop primary in south carolina, its former governor swears she's staying in the race. is this because she thinks should anything befall trump's candidacy, her delegate cow we'll make her the most likely backup. please make sure that you sign up for my free daily newsletter when you vote at, you're going to get links to a wide range of stories ever today and also exclusive editorial cartoons. rob rogers drew that today is the two-year
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anniversary of the russian invasion of ukraine. >> tonight, the south carolina republican presidential you'll primary haley trump, head-to-head as trump surge shows, no signs of slowing, we will make america great again, can haley do what it takes? thanks to stay in the race, >> this is the time to make your choice. >> join cnn and the best political team of the business probe live results and analysis. the south carolina publican presidential primary special coverage begins tonight at six eastern on cnn and streaming unpacks. >> some people go to the ends of the earth to find adventure. you just have to travel to the end of the road because here in key west were the launching point for a world of breathtaking action and excitement from deep sea quest's in shallow water pursuits to living history
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then you would know what year it was. i know what year it is. $19 >> vegas story of sin city tomorrow at ten on cnn >> immigration. what are the biggest issues in the 2024 election? recent polling shows that 79% of people consider the current situation at the border a crisis. just last month, us border patrol reported more than 100,000 encounters along the us-mexico border in december, encounters had surpassed 300,000 people former president trump has been vocal on the campaign trail calling for a more aggressive approach to stopping illegal border crossings. the washington post reports that trump and his allies are planning militarized mass deportations and detention camps. by the way, this article alone drove our 13,000 passionate comments as of the time, i was reading it, i pulled my own audience. that's where over 26,000
6:33 am
of you responded 58% agreeing there should be mass deportations according to a cnn poll, 81% of republicans, 46% of independence would be in support of trump deporting and detaining millions of undocumented immigrants but as us citizens are becoming more frustrated with the immigration system, the white house is now considering taking executive action. president biden's plan would restrict migrants from seeking asylum if they crossed the border illegally. this would conflict with previous policies, allowing anyone who enters the us to ask for safe haven but biden's not the first president to attempt this strategy in 2018, federal courts blocked similar efforts proposed by president trump to block rising migration to the us. this national frustration hit a tipping point earlier this month when the house voted to impeach homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas, house republicans claim mayorkas percuss ignored immigration laws and has contributed to the worsening crisis at the southern border. only three republican lawmakers
6:34 am
voted against impeaching mayorkas representatives, ken buck, my gallagher, and tom mcclintock question whether these criticisms justified an impeachment. joining me now to further discuss his decision his congressman ken buck congressman. thank you for being here. trump is talking about mass deportation. biden seems poised to limit a by executive order, which is the better necessary approach. >> but michael, all of the above, frankly, we've we have 1.321, 0.5 million people in this country who have already been adjudicated, that they are here illegally. and ice is not looking for them, and ice has been ordered not to look for them. and they need to be deported. so that is a mass deportation you should i'm not suggesting 12 million people right now, but there are 1.321, 0.5 million who should be deported. in addition to that, we need to stop the crisis that is occurring at our border and stop people from coming across the border illegally coming
6:35 am
into this country, claiming that they deserve asylum when in fact they're coming here for economic mike reasons. they can't point to a specific harm that they're leaving their country for. so the biden plan was the old trump plan. and what president trump is talking about doing now is enforcing the rule of law how realistic that anything can get done shy of executive action, which the president could do on his own, given that we're in the thick now of this presidential campaign there will be no legislative action on immigration. it's sad. but true or legislative system is broken right now when it comes to very difficult issues like immigration is going to take executive action. it's going to take a remain in mexico policy. it's going to take a renewal of the deportations there's to the countries of guatemala, el salvador, honduras. it's going to take the kinds of things it's going to take finishing the wall, frankly, in order to stop a lot of what's going on
6:36 am
right now congressman, let me switch gears today is the two-year anniversary of the russian invasion of ukraine. i know you have strong concerns as to the status of the war. speak to those if you would please? >> well as a republican, i'm embarrassed that my party is holding up funding that absolutely needs to be made to ukraine to let them fight the russian invasion it is ironic to me that we just have been dealing with a memo issue that involved russian distance formation in this country. we're now also dealing with russian disinformation about the war in ukraine. there's many parallels about how russia is infecting and affecting the politics of the united states. we need to get past that. we need to understand the threat that russia has and is to the, european countries. our allies are trading partners. those who share our values much more than
6:37 am
other countries around the world. and i am really ashamed that the republican party doesn't step up, recognize this threat, and support the people of ukraine who are fighting, who are dying in this war >> it seems as the point i just made about the debate that we were having over migration and the border crisis, that this is yet another issue that's trapped in the election cycle. do you see any prospect that anything changes relative to ukraine defending itself against russia between now and the election >> i do. i think it has to change it would be a terrible burden for any republican candidate to take into the election cycle to be blamed for the mass loss of life that will occur if russia takes all of you crane and the threats to our nato allies and a war that none of us want to see a world war between a major nuclear
6:38 am
powers. so i think that we have to move in the senate, moved, they have passed a bill. it will be in the house. >> there are >> many procedural mechanisms to get that bill across the finish line but that bill has to move. and we have to support the people of ukraine with the weapons they need to fight their own war >> congressman ken buck, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you >> still to come today, the gop south carolina primary polls put its former governor nikki haley on track to lose bigley but she's pledged to stay on the race till the end. does she have a shot if trump doesn't last, will the grand old party turned to her? please don't forget vote on today's poll question and that's where, which is more accurate only biden can beat donald trump or donald trump can only be chosen biden while you're there, sign up for the daily newsletter. it's free, it's worthy jack ohman. oh, my
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dehydration, urinary tract, or genital yeast infections and low blood sugar a rare life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin perineum could occur, stopped taking for secret and call your dr. right away if you have symptoms of disinfection and allergic reaction or ketoacidosis the south carolina republican presidential primary tonight at six on cnn >> if donald trump, >> for whatever reason, is not the gop nominee, will it be nikki haley? polls opened at 07:00 a.m. today in haley's home state of south carolina, where she's been promising at rallies that she's in until the the last person votes contending that she's a better general election candidate for the party or campaign has spent bigly in the state according to adimpact data as of this week, pro-haley advertisers spin around 16.2 million in advertising in south carolina compared to about 1.3 million for pro-trump advertisers. and yet in poll after poll,
6:44 am
trump's support in the state has been more than double. its former governor. according to the most recent cbs yougov survey, trump leads haley among likely south carolina primary voters. 65 to 30. this week, the trump campaign issued a memo called the end is near for nikki haley. it says that under the most generous model for haley trump will still have earned the requisite number of delegates needed to be the gop nominee, 1,215 by march the 19th and that at the current trend, he could lock it up on march 12th. so why nevertheless, does she persist joining me now to discuss his gop strategist, cnn senior political commentator david urban, who advised the trump campaign's of 2,016.20, 20 david, her play seems to be, i'll be the last person standing. i'll have a boy block of delegates in case trump can't go. but would that necessarily give it to nikki haley? >> no. >> no, michael, i can't see a universe that nikki haley go to that convention. i mean, let's just play this out for for a
6:45 am
minute, right? so we get to the convention in milwaukee and say some black swan event occurs and donald trump cannot be the nominee. >> the >> way the republican rules work to best my recollection is delegates are bound on their first vote. so they have to vote for who they, who they were elected for. so they would be some voting for trump, some voting for haley. under this theory. and then on the second ballot that'd be free to vote for whoever they wanted to. and i can't see those trump delegates turning around and voting for nikki haley and the convention. i think it just implausible if that ever gets to that case, which is not going to. so i don't understand what her endgame is, just she seems to be at this point is lighting people's money on fire okay, so is it a vp play? is that a 2028 play? yeah. >> michael, it originally at >> what point in time i thought well she's good. she's gonna get in there and make the case that she she's the only person that could really help donald trump and, you know, in lower
6:46 am
merion in the philly suburbs. and this in the soft places in america because it need a little to need. donald trump needs a little softening so i thought that was the case, but then it seems like she burned the boats at one point here and i'm not sure that the blood is there's a lot of bad blood right now between the two camps. i can't see that happening, but listen there's only one person that gets the pick here and it's donald trump. and i think that maybe if he's shown, if, if somebody's smart shows him a poll that says the only way you win is with nikki haley. he didn't pick nikki haley, but it would be it'd be pretty dire straits for him to pick nikki haley at this point in 28, michael to 100 years from now right? >> david, you and i know that the national polls and the battleground polls each show that at this moment in time, trump is leading biden democrats and never trumpers. they say, well, yeah, but in those polls, when people are asked if trump were convicted, would you abandon him? and many say they would. i'm going to
6:47 am
put on the screen in an essay that was published its slate this week from ben mathis, lilly, and he says, on the other hand, what if these voters are full of it, meaning they're lying for years, the people of the united states have often told pollsters that they think donald trump has done terrible things only to end up voting for him. so my question to you, because you know, so well, the maga base would members of that base a significant number necessarily ditch trump because of these legal issues, if they resulted in conviction, no michael, we've seen this. we've seen this after the alvin bragg case. we've seen this after every, every time the charges get filed, the former president's popularity goes up, especially amongst the base, especially amongst people who feel that he is, that this law affairs and unjustly targeting him. so i think that those polling is a little bit off. i don't think that look, some people may, may may make bail, but i don't think those are true. trump voters to begin with, an interesting michael, i don't think that that poll
6:48 am
correctly asks, you know, if would you vote for joe biden, then if joe biden were the nominee is a democratic nominee, would you vote for him instead? i think, you know, it just poses the one question doesn't ask the second follow-up question which i think is important. but look, i don't i don't think there's any university which down job is not the nominee. and i don't think there's any universe which the republican base would bail on. donald trump convicted or not convicted? >> and finally we've a very special viewer today. what am i speaking of? >> yeah, so so so michael, my mom is it's kind of banged up in the hospital pittsburgh there she is my great mom and i just want to tell her, you know, hang their mom people are praying for you and poland for you. so that's my that's my gins or shirt to michael from pittsburgh, if you know, your pittsburgh viewers will get it. so what to say? lover hanging there were all pulled and prayed for you >> godspeed to your mom. thank you, dave. thanks, michael. thank you. >> still to come more of your best and worst social media comments don't forget to vote on today's poll question at
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spotless house for 19 dollars >> inside politics sunday with manu raju tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. okay. >> that's the results so far of today's poll question at
6:54 am, lot of voting, 31,004, 75. we appreciate that width she is more accurate. i forced a binary choice, only biden. he's the only one who can beat donald trump. he did it before we need them again, 54% agree with that 46% agree with the proposition that trump can only be biden if it were anybody other than biden, trump would never be competitive here's some social media reaction that came in during the course of the program. if you haven't voted yet, you can still go and vote at or see anyone under 70 with a pulse and a party nomination could beat either of them, right? joe, i mean, i get it and a lot of people are beefing and saying, you should have given us a neither selection, but i wanted to force the binary because i keep hearing those two schools of thought about these individuals. well, and maybe you're gonna get your choice if there's a third-party candidate out there when all the dust settles, who will make it competitive? what else catherine came in during the course of today's program, social media if this doesn't show the bias tds, i guess
6:55 am
that's trump derangement syndrome and emotional voting of this audience that i don't know what does the only person that can lose to trump is biden a poll with generic democrat has them destroying trump dems, dumped biden now and beat trump, please. well, by the way, charles, the reverse of that is to say it's election day today in south carolina. and nikki haley runs better against joe biden. then does donald trump and has that caused republicans to pause and think about nikki haley? no, it has not. not in any great number more social media reaction. what do we have i don't think biden will lose too many negatives for trump and the abortion issue will be huge. well, there's, there's an interesting poll question and one that i'm going to get to very soon, which is the more i've done it before. but but given alabama and you see the trump came out against that judicial opinion, the ivf opinion in alabama, but given the alabama issue, it's like
6:56 am
abortion just keeps coming back to the front page, which is the more potent political story right now for the general election, is it border control or is it choice, abortion loosely described? i don't know. that's a great, great question. and it's very fluid. another one i love this. we're moving quick and we're getting a lot in. what do we have smerkonish cost us 2024. the tickets saying americans need now well, can we just leave that up on the screen for a long time? one more and i'm finished catherine, give me another one before i hit the door what do we got? we all know it's going to be newsome versus haley on a side note as canadians, you guys are freaking us out. i don't see it being newsome versus haley. i can i can see i can see knew some more than i can see, haley. thank you for watching. see you >> why you ran hates america tomorrow with eight on cnn do you ever worry we wouldn't get you enjoy this
6:57 am
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